The Money Management Intelligence Corporate Access Program is the smartest way to save your firm time and money.

In today's complex and changing markets, we know how important it is for your entire firm to stay on top of the latest industry news as it happens. It's not enough for just one point person to keep on top of global competitive intelligence.

Every associate on your team needs to:

with exclusive news coverage of the issues that impact your daily business – daily doses of objective intelligence, with direct economic benefit.

Advance with regular and periodic features including plan sponsor & consultant profiles, trend reports and expert commentary providing a deeper insight into the world of institutional pension fund investments.

Lead with access to the iiSEARCHES database of institutional sales leads & quarterly proprietary surveys on key issues in the industry. 

Recognize leaders in the public funds sector, including leading plan sponsors, the managers and most influential marketers and consultants with the Public Fund Awards for Excellence

Connect at the premier destination for interaction with other like minded professionals.

Money Management Intelligence
will work with you to customize a service plan that meets your firm’s needs.

For more information about how the Corporate Access Program can benefit you, or to set up a demonstration or trial of services, please contact:

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